Determining the Budget for Your New Garage

Adding a garage to your home can significantly increase its value. Even having a carport can make your home more attractive than if it had no car covering, so adding a garage can add significant curb appeal. You could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home with this simple addition.

A new garage is also an expensive undertaking. You will spend tens of thousands of dollars for even the most basic addition. Include other features like a temperature controlled environment or a bonus room and you’ll be paying even more.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind when determining your budget for a new garage:

Average Cost per Square Foot

While the exact costs will vary for each particular garage project, you can get a sense of expected costs by looking at the average cost per square foot. Average costs will vary based on where you live. Higher costs reflect the higher value of real estate in those areas. Therefore, if you are improving the property, you can also expect a much higher return on your investment in those areas.

Electricity and Plumbing

You can build a basic garage that is little more than a box with four walls and a few outlets for lighting. However, if you are taking on the project, you might as well think about adding a few bells and whistles. Maybe you want to create a larger laundry room in part of the garage, or maybe you want a working wood shop. Maybe you want to put a dog bath in your garage, or maybe you want to create a car washing area with a drain.

Adding plumbing and wiring that can handle all your electricity needs can help you get more out of your garage, but it can also add to your bill. It is important that you think through these needs to calculate your budget.

Heating and Cooling

Having a garage that is heated and cooled is a luxury. Imagine waking up to freezing temperatures and a foot of snow outside. You don’t have to spend a half hour in the freezing cold scraping the ice of your car or waiting for the engine to heat up. Instead, you can walk down to your heated garage and get into your already warm car. It makes for a much nicer transition to the day.

Adding heating and cooling to your garage can have a number of benefits. Doing so will add to the cost significantly, however. You may be able to run your existing duct work out to the garage, but you will more likely need to upgrade your system since the additional space will likely exceed its capacity. Buying a new heating and cooling unit can cost thousands of dollars.

Extra Features

Take advantage of the new construction project to really get the features you want from your expanded home. Don’t stop at a simple garage. Think about built-in shelving units, work benches, laundry sorters, organizational spaces and more. You can create more functionality in your space for tasks like housekeeping and organizing.

Think about fun features, as well. For example, you might want to create an area where you can work out or add some equipment, like a proper weight center. You might even consider adding an extra room over the garage, giving you the guest room or home office you’ve always wanted.

Make sure you consider all the possibilities when building your garage. You can then put together a realistic budget for your project. You can cut back as needed to make the project more affordable. However, thinking through all the possibilities first will ensure that you are considering all the options and prioritizing what you really want and need.

Adding a garage to your home is a wise investment choice. Not only will it help you to increase the value of your home, but it will also help you to get more enjoyment out of your home. You can create the space you need to store your extra belongings, get in a good workout, do your hobbies and more. Of course, you’ll also have a cozy, protected space to start your car. You’ll help preserve your car and protect it from theft and damage at the same time.


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