Custom Wood Carriage Garage Doors for your Home

Custom-Wood-Carriage-Garage-DoorsAre you looking for a way to take the exterior appearance of your home to the next level? There are many changes you can make, from the color to the landscaping and much more. Before you do anything, consider the benefits associated with new garage doors. But not just any doors – custom wood carriage doors.

As with all new garage doors, when you add these you are going to make your home more energy efficient. This is particularly true if you are upgrading from old doors.

With custom wood carriage doors, you are getting the ultimate combination of design, style, and functionality. Not to mention the fact that these can help increase the value of your property.

On the outside, these doors give the appearance of natural wood. However, that is just what you see on the surface. Behind the beautiful exterior is insulation, followed by a back layer of exterior grade plywood. When you put all this together, you end up with a door that is good looking, durable, and energy efficient.

Typically, custom wood carriage garage doors are shipped with a natural finish. You don’t want to leave your doors like this, however. You will want to paint or stain them as soon as possible, guaranteeing the look that you are going for.

Tip: your sales and installation company can explain your many options, including the ability to purchase doors that are painted or stained your preferred color.

To go along with exquisite detailing, you can choose from multiple wood options. Be sure to compare each one, ensuring that you choose the wood that best matches your personal style as well as the rest of your home.

Custom wood carriage garage doors are not the right choice for every homeowner and property. That being said, more people than ever are having these installed thanks to the many benefits. If style and substance is on your mind, there is no better choice.

If you need help deciding if these are right for you, ask the following questions:

  • Does this style match the rest of my home?
  • Am I able to buy the door in the color or stain that works best for my property?
  • Does it make sense to spend more money on carriage garage doors when another option may be cheaper?

Along with the answers to these questions, you can always ask a qualified sales specialist for advice and information pertaining to these doors.


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