Convert Your Garage Into Additional Living Space

Garages are used to keep your cars, bicycles and/or motorcycles inside. It protects them from the elements, from theft and keeps them out of the way of playing children. But if your home needs a little extra living space, why not convert your garage into functional rooms and keep your vehicles outside? Living in the Greater Vancouver Area allows us the luxury of not needing to protect our cars from winter storms, just rain.

Here are a few different uses your garage can serve your family.

The First Consideration

Before you consider any of these suggestions, think about how much time you and your family will be spending inside the new version of your garage. Do you need to insulate the walls? Or do you need to soundproof it so it doesn’t affect the rest of the house?

Media Room

If you love sitting back in comfortable chairs, and watching your favourite movie on the big screen in surround sound, consider converting your garage into a media room. You’ll want to sound proof the walls for sure, so you don’t disturb the rest of the house. Also consider carpeting the garage floor, again this will help with sound insulation, but will also make it more comfortable.

Next, paint the walls a darker, warmer colour. This makes the movie-watching experience that much more intimate, and provides a certain darkness so you can focus on the screen. Install your lights on a dimmer switch so that you can easily adjust the light to suit the moment. You’ll want to install the surround sound speaker systemv according to the layout of the room and where your seats or sofa will be placed. The only thing left is to make some popcorn and call the kids.

Play Room

If you have young kids who like to play. If you don’t have much of a finished basement. You might want to consider converting your garage into a play room for your young and older kids, including the young-at-heart adults. Be sure to insulate the room as you don’t want anyone to be too cold while they’re playing. Carpeting the floor is also important to ensure that all those little feet stay warm and comfortable. You might want to consider laying carpet tiles so that if there are any spills, it’s easy to replace that one tile of carpet, instead of having to replace the whole thing.

Painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint is also a fun way to let your kids write and colour on the walls. This way they can erase and repeat ad nauseam. If your kids are older and video games are their thing, you can install a TV with their video game consoles in the garage as well. This way they can play till their little heart’s content, while you’re not bothered by all the noise.

Pantry and Cellar

Given the naturally cooler conditions of a garage, it would be the ideal place to install a wine cellar or an additional pantry. If you’re a wine aficionado and want to collect some of your favourite bottles, this is a great place to keep them if you can’t afford a proper large-scale wine cellar. Just create your own.

Visit your local DIY centre and purchase some wood to create the wine racks. Install these along the walls of your garage. You can easily create sections for reds and whites, or separate the bottles by country. Or, if you like to buy food in bulk and need extra storage space, you can create a much-needed pantry. Buy easy-to-assemble cupboards from a furniture store and install them in your garage to store your shelf-stable items like cans, condiments, tetra paks, and more. You can also buy an extra freezer or fridge so you can have plenty of frozen and refrigerated items on-hand when guests pop-in unannounced.


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