Convert Your Garage Into Additional Living Space, Part 3

In the third part of this series, we look at more ideas on how to use your garage and converting it into a more functional extension of your home. The first installment looked at converting your garage into a media room, a play room for your kids, and a wine cellar or pantry. The second installment looked at creating a guest suite, a home office or gym and a games room for the adults. Here are a few more uses your garage can serve your family.

Let’s not forget the first, and probably the most important consideration before beginning this project: insulation and soundproofing. Again, depending on the ultimate use of the garage space, you’ll need to judge for yourself if this is something you think is needed.

Man Cave

What man doesn’t dream of having his very own man cave at home. A place where he can enjoy all the things he loves most. Football, movies, video games, poker night, workshop, or whatever. A man cave can truly be anything he wants it to be. It’s his very own spot in the house where he do whatever he wants. Kids have playrooms so why can’t a man have his own “playroom” of sorts?


Woman’s Oasis

Of course, women, we haven’t forgotten you. Men aren’t the only ones who need a cave — but women might prefer something a little nicer… like an oasis retreat. A room where you can watch your favourite movies in a big comfy chaise lounge, a place where you can steer clear of the screams and whines, the dishes and doo-dads, and just have some peace and quiet, whatever that looks like for you.


Larger Laundry Room

Whether your current laundry room is actually a closet and not so much a room, or whether it’s in the basement or whether you just don’t have one, the garage could be a great place to make a nice big at-home laundromat. You’ll of course need to contract a plumber to ensure everything is up to code, however you’ll be able to buy those nice big side-by-side machines to do those extra large loads. Another idea to consider when converting the garage into a laundry room, is building a platform to place the machines. The platform helps to raise the machines a little higher then ground level and will make it easier for you to put your clothes in and get them out without having to sit on the ground. Because garages are large, you can also have a handy sink next to your machines to handle all your hand-washes. And storage-a-plenty for your detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning supplies.


Craft Room

If you love arts and crafts why not make a room just for that? After all, it is your house and your garage. Put a big work table that will be large enough to accommodate any craft project. Install storage units to properly organize all your craft supplies. And really, since you’re crafty to begin with, decorate the room the way you always dreamed.


Have you converted your garage into a special place? Share with us your experience and ideas below.


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