Convert Your Garage Into Additional Living Space, Part 2


In the second part of this series, we look at more ideas on how to use your garage and converting it into a more functional extension of your home. The first installment looked at converting your garage into a media room, a play room for your kids, and a wine cellar or pantry. Here are a few more uses your garage can serve your family.

Let’s not forget the first consideration. Insulation and soundproofing. Again, depending on the ultimate use of the garage space, you’ll need to judge for yourself if this is something you think is needed.

Guest Suite

If you don’t have any spare rooms to invite your guests to stay over, then consider converting your garage into a spare guest room. Garages are typically large enough that you might even be able to convert it into a bachelor unit, that is to say an open one bedroom with bathroom and kitchenette. Remember to make it a legal bedroom by city standards, you must have a closet and window for easy egress. This conversion will definitely require insulation to keep the suite warm and comfortable for your guests, and you might want to sound proof it in order to keep the sounds out of the suite so your guests can sleep in.

Home Office

With the advent of technology comes telecommuting. Many people nowadays work from home thanks to computers and WiFi. So if you’re short on extra space in the house, turn your garage into a home office. If it’s a double garage, you can always consider only using half the space for your office as well. And if you plan on spending full 8-hour days in there, you’ll definitely want to insulate to keep you comfortable.

Home Gym

Exercise and healthy lifestyles have become part of the status quo… or at least it should. If you’re serious about maintaining a fit physique, convert all or part of your garage into a home gym. Pad the floors for extra protection, and so you can also do floor exercises, and go to a fitness store to buy new or used equipment to fill your new gym. No membership required here. And the best part is it’s open 24 hours a day!

Games Room

Though we have touched on a games room for your children, you might also want to consider a games room for yourselves. Even adults like to play. Billiards, poker, fusball, air hockey, darts and other games could create the perfect adult games room. Have your friends over for drinks and a little playful gambling. And who says you can’t have a board game night for adults? Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, even Pictionary.

Have you converted your garage into a special place? Share with us your experience and ideas below. And stay tuned for Part 3 for more ideas.


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