Complete Guide to Choosing Overhead Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing a type of commercial garage door might not seem like that important of a decision, but depending on the nature of your business and needs it can wind up being an expensive mistake in top of an inconvenience. Here’s a guide to help you decide what the best type of commercial door is for your business.



If it is important for your business to have the best in insulation you should consider commercial doors with the highest R-Levels of insulation for every part of the year. The benefits of such doors include the following:

  • Energy efficiency — you spend less on keeping the inside of your building properly heated or cooled
  • Wind load resistance — prevents destructive wind pressure on your doors to ensure greater durability
  • Air infiltration — prevents air from entering or escaping your building if proper air regulation and circulation is necessary

This kind of overhead commercial door could be very useful for businesses that need to keep their building’s temperature and air circulation strongly regulated. Restaurant or grocery store receiving bays commonly use them, as well as storage facilities or any other type of building that uses refrigeration.

Visuals & Aesthetics

Meanwhile, some businesses might require doors for more visual or aesthetic reasons. In such cases, either the door itself needs to be visually appealing or it needs to help display whatever is behind it. Aluminum glass doors are the common choice for such businesses, as they incorporate more appealing designs that are mostly glass to allow for more light and visual access inside. Businesses that commonly use such doors include:

  • Retail stores (like car dealerships) — allow for easy visual access of products
  • Fire stations — allow for better natural lighting inside the fire truck bays
  • Restaurants — allow visual access inside the seating area

Various professional service buildings might also choose to use such doors purely for the pleasing appearance of the doors themselves.


Some businesses might rate the lifespan and reliability of their overhead garage doors as the most important feature when making their choice. Sectional doors made with galvanized steel are the most common types of doors for such businesses, and offer customization through the panels, door track, and other hardware to match any size requirements.

Industrial buildings with a lot of heavy duty traffic through the doors, especially those in areas with inclement weather, are the businesses that get the best use out of these more durable commercial doors.

Speed & Lightness

For a business that values the speed and flexibility of their commercial overhead doors, there are some options that are lighter and more versatile. Shutter doors or security grilles are commonly used by businesses that have a high amount of traffic through their doorway and need the doors themselves more for security than anything else. Here are some types of businesses that usually use such doors:

  • Retail stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals

In most cases, the doors are only used when the business is not open and can be easily opened and closed by one person when needed.

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