Children’s Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage door is the largest moving objects in your home, and could also be the heaviest. To protect your children, teach them not to play around the garage door, especially when it is moving.

Lead by Example

Never let your child see you try to beat the garage door. Walk out from under it before you close it. When you and all other people are safely out of the way of the door, then close it with the remote.

Replace Doors Older than 1993

If your garage door is older than ones made as of January 1, 1993, it may not have the now federally mandated reversing mechanism. This means that if the garage door detects something in the way of the door closure, it will reverse and open, to stop from potentially crushing a child.

Remotes are not toys

Never let children play with remotes for the garage door. If the remote is attached to your keys, keep your keys out of the child’s reach. Never leave the transmitter in your car where a child can reach it.

Install the Button High

The button to open and close your garage from the inside should be installed at least five feet high, so small children cannot reach it. Do not leave anything near the button that a child could use to stack and climb to reach the button.

Never leave children unsupervised in the garage area of your home. They may try to imitate you pushing the button, which means they could fall and get hurt, or cause damage if they succeed in getting the door open.


About Neb Aleksic

Neb grew up in the garage door business. Since joining Doorcare he has moved up in the ranks, and now oversees a team, in addition to Doorcare's marketing efforts. He is passionate about what he does, and enjoys the small things in life.
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