Cheap and Affordable Garage Door Updates to Improve the Value of Your Home


A garage door will last your home for years to come. It’s a feature that will actually improve the attractiveness and aesthetics of your home. However, perhaps you just moved into a house and you find your new garage door less than stellar. Maybe you’ve lived in a house for years and have had the same door for just as long—and now think that it’s probably time for a change.

In either one of those cases, you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire door. Doing so can prove quite expensive, and the replacement can really put the hurt on your wallet. Luckily, you can still have a fantastic and improved garage door without having to go all out. As a matter of fact, a variety of cheap and affordable updates exist that you can easily try out. All of these will make your garage door look as good as new without having to shell out for an actual new door.

Fresh Paintjob

One of the easiest and most DIY improvements that you can make is a new paintjob. A new coat of paint can really revitalize the look of your garage door. Perhaps your door already came painted and you happen to hate the hue. Maybe your door remains unpainted and you want to change that.

First, before you do anything, assess your garage door. Obviously, you can only paint certain kinds of materials. Naturally, if you have a steel or aluminum door, painting will require extra attention. A wood door can be easily used as your canvas.

When painting your garage door, take a few different thoughts into consideration. First of all, you will want to choose a brand of paint that lasts so that you don’t need to make minor fixes every few years. Next, consider the color. You want it to stand out and make your garage door pop. However, the paint color should also match the general hue of the house. It doesn’t have to blend in exactly, but keep it all within the same color family so that your door looks edgy rather than garish.


If you have a wood-based garage door, then you also have another option at your disposal a little less daunting than painting. You can choose to stain your door instead. Wood-stain finishes provide a look of sophistication without a lot of effort. It will look as though you have a brand new garage door. If you happen to have a painted door that really doesn’t match the color scheme of the rest of the house, staining can really help the garage door blend in better. Unlike painting though, you have a lot more limitations on your color options. However, some people won’t find this an issue.


If you really want to revitalize your garage door, windows can do just that. Fiberglass has become a popular material for these. Obviously, the addition of too many windows can quickly and easily rack up your renovation bill. If you want to keep your windows affordable, purchase small ones. The bigger that you go, generally the more that you will have to pay. A few small windows over the top portion of a garage door can make a huge impact. If you combine this with staining or painting your garage door, you won’t even be able to recognize your door the next time that you see it.

Different Door Styles

You may think that once you choose a door style that it’s pretty much set in stone. However, with some ingenuity, creativity, and a bit of a budget, you can transform your garage door and give it some style. This works best if you happened to choose a plain door with no paneling. This acts as a blank canvas. If you already have a style that you chose for your garage door, you can’t transform it as easily.
You can try a carriage-house style or a French style to add a sense of refinement to your garage door. If you already have garage door windows, then you won’t even have to add much to your door. You can install handles and paneling around the outer edge of the door. Between that and the paintjob, you will feel very surprised at how good that your door looks.

If you want, of course, you can also choose to create your own uniquely styled door. This can include any kinds of features that you want and can afford. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this, but just make sure that whatever you do with your door that you can live with years into the future.


If you want to change the design or style of your garage door without doing too much, then you should consider altering or adding architectural details instead. This can include trim around the top or the edges of the door as well as trim across the door. This adds plenty of texture to the door, which makes it an interesting visual element for passersby as well as for you and your family.

You can choose to leave the panels the color that you order them. You can also paint them in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can color them to match the rest of the door identically. In the case of a lot of matching, write down the names of the paint colors that you use. You won’t want to keep the buckets on hand if they’re empty. This way when you run out to buy more paint, you’ll know the exact shade that you want and won’t have to guess. This also guarantees a perfect match.

Alternately, you can choose to paint these panels an entirely different color. Perhaps this shade complements the color scheme of the house or perhaps it complements the color of the rest of the door. You can also paint the panels two different yet very close colors. For example, maybe you paint the front-facing parts of the panel white and then paint the tops, bottoms, and sides a different shade of white. You’ll notice that this adds an even greater sense of texture and makes your garage door pop even more.

The above ideas for improving the value of your home through the garage door all won’t break the bank. They won’t take you long either as they don’t require a lot of decor expertise. While you can certainly follow the suggestions above to a T, you can also branch out and try your own ideas.


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