Can I Paint My Garage Door?

Yes, you can paint your garage door, but there are certain things to keep in mind. You’ll need to use the right type of paint for your garage door, or you could be creating a big mess.

  • Clean the garage door’s surface. If you have a metal door, a pressure washer is fine. If you have a wooden door, this can be too strong, so a garden hose is a better job. Pressure washing a wooden door can penetrate water deep into the surface of the door so it will take longer to dry.
  • Repair damaged portions of your door, particularly if it is wooden. Repair cracked areas with paintable caulk. Replace rotted sections.
  • Protect the area around the door. Tape off glass panes, etc. to avoid getting paint where it shouldn’t go.
  • Prime the door. Use the primer right for your door type, and use a sprayer if possible to get the primer coat on the door evenly.
  • Use a high quality latex or acrylic based paint. Do not use an oil-based paint. Apply two coats, with appropriate drying time between coats.
  • Clean up. Once the final coat is dry, remove all tape and protective material. If paint is on the windows, use a flat razorblade to scrape it off.

Painting your garage door is a cost effective way to enhance your curb appeal, without having to completely replace your garage door. Just make sure you’re able to touch it up as required to keep it looking nice and fresh.


About Neb Aleksic

Neb grew up in the garage door business. Since joining Doorcare he has moved up in the ranks, and now oversees a team, in addition to Doorcare's marketing efforts. He is passionate about what he does, and enjoys the small things in life.
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