Beautify Your Garage Exterior

Garages are one of the most overlooked areas of a home’s façade. In fact, the curb appeal of a home is largely based on how the entire home looks from the front door to lawn to landscaping. With trash cans, kid’s toys, and lawn bags, oftentimes the garage is mistreated. Below you will find tips to help beautify your garage, making you the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Integrate with Landscape

The placement of your garage will determine just how well it can work with the landscaping. If your garage is placed behind your home, try adding a deck above it. Not only will this deck become another spot to enjoy your surroundings but the exterior structure can blend well with the rest of the house, further enhancing the design.

Another way to landscape your garage exterior is to place planters of flowers and low shrubbery to frame around the garage door.

Adding a Porch

This tip works especially well for those homes with an unattached garage. Sometimes the unattached garage look can appear uninviting but adding on a screened-in porch will not only add some personality but will make your garage more inviting.

Another alternative to enhancing an unattached garage is to improve upon its look by adding on simple, practical and classic details. Dressing this type of garage with a ribbon of brick at the base, add shingle siding, hefty trim, red roof tiles, or an inviting window complete with a window flower box will enhance the basic structure. It will also be a tidy and cozy place to store your car.

Exterior Materials

Your garage can actually become a fun way to enhance your home. With well-chosen materials, colors, and features, your garage can become the focal point. If your garage is a right or left side garage, have fun with the architect by making it visually appealing. Some ideas are to opt for a non-traditional garage door such as a barn door, adding two garage doors, or accenting your garage with ornate coach lights.

Another way to enhance garages is to use decorative stone. Flagstone and brick are natural elements that add texture and depth. Consider using the same elements at your front entry that way it will tie the two elements together. This will also boost your home’s curb appeal.

Paint to Enhance or to Disappear

While this tip may not seem like it will help beautify your garage exterior, think again. With garages built in front, painting your garage door, whether it be the same color or a new color, will update and enhance your home’s exterior look.

If your garage does not have a strong architectural style, there is a way to “hide” it. For a more reserved garage door treatment, paint your garage door a darker color. The darker color allows for visual restraint and lets the architectural of the home’s lighter-colored exterior draw the eye.

Incorporate Architectural Details

If your home has a very distinct architectural style such as English-Cottage, your garage exterior will need to reflect aspects of that style as well. By matching the home’s exterior, the garage will seamlessly fit right in to the overall architecture. To further enhance this look, you could perfectly match the garage door’s style and color with that of your home, creating a superb combination.

Subtle Impact

To blend your house and garage door, try repeating your home’s trim and brick on the garage. Make sure to include a dormer over the actual door to ensure that the garage is highlighted. This works especially well with wood-sided homes with hefty trim.

Another way to add a simple detail to any garage door is through special touches. By adding an element to your garage that signals your personality will help to personify your home’s exterior. Whether it be a weather vane or red roof tile, any special element will make your garage pop.


Using adequate lighting will help for those late night arrivals in addition to providing a new design option. Most home maintenance stores offer a variety of different styles and colors from Mediterranean to French to Spanish. When choosing lights, make sure that they provide ample light. You may even want to consider putting them on a motion sensor.

Door Style

Originality and creatively will come in handy with this tip. Typically, when we think garage doors we only think of the metal ones. However, there are more door options than just those. From wood to frosted windows to custom, the sky’s the limit. When choosing your garage door, make sure that they draw off the unique style of your home without looking too mismatched.

Garages are an integral part of your home and it’s exterior. With the right beautifying methods, your garage will be the highlight of your home!


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