Ask Our Garage Door Experts: About Carriage Doors


Carriage doors are one of the most popular options we offer for garage doors now. There are many good reasons for the growing popularity of garage doors, not the least of which is the elegance they bring to any home. Many customers who have called us to have garage doors installed have seen a real improvement in their curb appeal.

While these doors are popular, they aren’t known by everyone. We still receive a lot of questions from interested customers about how they operate, what kinds of additional maintenance they require and how much customization is available. We’ve gathered together some of the most common questions for you to use as a resource.

What are carriage doors?

Carriage doors are an old type of door, preceding the vehicle, even. Fine homes once had carriage houses behind them that served to store the family’s buggy and other equipment. This type of transportation fell out of popularity as vehicles became more popular, and carriage houses slowly developed into the modern garage.

However, the charm of that old style never really went away. The elegant presentation of these doors assured that they would have their stylistic revival someday, and that’s exactly where we are now.

How do they operate differently from typical garage doors?

Unlike typical garage doors, carriage doors do not roll out from the top. Instead, they swing out to open. Though they work in a very different way, they are still easily automated. Even with a carriage door, you’ll be able to use your remote to open and close.

Do they require a lot more care?

No, not at all. When carriage doors are installed, there is an option to treat them with a variety of protective coatings. You shouldn’t need to worry much more about your garage door than you worry about any other exposed wood structure around your home. Soil should be removed from the door if it accumulates, and protective treatments should be reapplied every several years or so.

What Sorts of Homes do they match?

Carriage doors look lovely on most types of homes. They’re particularly effective on homes that take advantage of more classic design styles that would have been contemporary with the original carriage houses. If your house is cultivating a classic them, Victorian for example, you’ll find that one of these doors is the perfect fit to complete the look.

Carriage doors also look sharp on homes that use rich wood looks. If you have wood siding, or wood shingles, you’ll find that a carriage door is an excellent match for the look.

What sorts of options are available?

Many more than there have ever been. We carry a wide selection of carriage doors, and these are available in different styles as well as all different colors and staining options. Of course, carriage doors are also easy to modify yourself if you have experience with woodworking and painting.


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