Ask Our Experts: What’s Wrong with My Garage Door Opener?


A misbehaving garage door opener can be incredibly frustrating. Unlike other parts of the door, you’re not going to be able to look around for something that’s shaken loose or worn out. You’re working with some electronics now, and that means the problems get a lot more complicated.

Never fear, however. Our experts are here to take you through some of the most common garage door problems, and the simple solutions that will save you grief in the future.

There’s no response at all

That’s always a tough one. The problem could be as simple as a dead battery, and replacing it is the first thing you should try before more expensive solutions. If that doesn’t work, a garage door repair expert will be able to tell you whether you need a new clicker or a new opener.  

My opener works to open the door, but won’t respond when I try to close it

That sounds like a problem with your photo eyes. These are a safety feature that prevents the garage door from closing when there is an obstruction in the way. As long as the beam from the first eye meets the second eye, the door will open. This won’t happen if the beam isn’t working, or if the beam has been moved.

The door opens and closes throughout the day even when the opener is not used

Don’t worry, your home probably isn’t haunted. We’ve had this happen to many of our customers, and it’s almost always an issue with frequencies. If two houses close to one another are using a similar frequency, the garage door openers can work on both homes. We can reset the frequency for you.

I hear the engine running, but it shuts off after several seconds without opening the door

First, check to make sure that your door isn’t one of those models with an easily-activated lock. Some locking mechanisms can be shaken into place by the initial operation of the motor. If that’s not the problem, the issue may be a lot more serious. It’s possible that the door could be obstructed, or that the springs that operate the door have snapped.

I broke my opener. How do I get a new one?

Nearly all licensed garage door repair companies, including Doorcare, can help you locate new openers from the original manufacturer of your device. We can have it set to the frequency you already use, or help you calibrate it to work for your garage door when it arrives.

Is it worth it to repair broken openers, or better to replace them?

Many of the most common garage door opener problems can be repaired by an expert. Please call our rapid-response team in if you’re having a problem with your own door. We pride ourselves on fast and affordable services in the greater B.C. area.


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