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Get all your answers about garage doors from the people who know! We’ve covered many topics lately, and this one is particularly important as we start to move into the spring and summer seasons.

From cars and bikes to premium lawn equipment and other valuables, the garage is a thief’s dream. All the better for the enterprising criminal that garage doors are rarely secured as well as houses. If you’re concerned about break-ins, you may want to check out these common questions and answers about improving garage security.

How do thieves break into garages?

Assuming you or your children didn’t simply leave your garage open—not to insult your intelligence, it’s simply one of the most common ways thieves walk off with garage treasures—several different entry points may be used.

Garage doors themselves are often left unlocked, so thieves may try simply opening the door. If that doesn’t work, side doors and windows may also be checked. Keeping all of these locked is a great first step to protect your garage. Dangers can also come from outside your garage.

Garage door openers may be stolen when vehicles are broken into, and if the thief finds the address, may result in a discreet garage break-in several days later. It’s best to keep your door padlocked from the inside when you are not leaving for the day, or plan to leave home for several days.

Can my type of garage door play a role?

Yes, it can. There are many different kinds of garage doors available, and some are going to be more resistant against break-ins that others. While most types of doors are going to be resistant against problems, you should also consider the role of your garage door opener and the wireless system used to open it.

Openers work on a range of different frequencies, and some of these frequencies can overlap so that openers work on different doors than they were intended. Some thieves have learned to open garage doors by using openers that have variable frequency, and waiting for a match. Traditional locks from the inside of the garage can prevent this problem.

What additional security features are available?

Many of the best ways to secure your garage can be installed separately. Motion-activated lights around the garage door entrances will deter most troublemakers. If you’ve had a problem with garage break-ins in your area, you may want to move up to additional security features like an alarm. Both of these devices are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of protection.

If you have custom security needs, you may be able to benefit from a long conversation with one of our expert installers. Our experience with both domestic and commercial installations means we’re used to dealing with special needs. We can help you choose a garage door package that offers the most in security.


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