Always Get a Professional to Install Your Garage Door


Garage doors serve multiple important purposes. First, they allow you to stow away important materials such as tools, toys, supplies, and any other items that you prefer. They also help you keep your car safe and protected from the elements. Finally, your garage door contributes to the appearance and aesthetics of your home, making it much more attractive.

There are also many reasons to upgrade to some of the great new garage doors. Many new options have anti-theft technology to keep your most prized valuables safe and also to discourage strangers from attempting to get onto your property. Some come with green technology to lower your monthly energy bills, saving you money while helping the environment at the same time. You can also customize almost every facet of a garage door these days, from the material to the paintjob.

All of this means that now is a great time to buy a new garage door. This can get expensive. While you should always set a budget to keep your purchases under control, you may want to save money by installing your new garage door yourself. However, it’s much smarter to let a professional do the installation for you. Here are several reasons it could all go wrong.

Faulty Installation

You may consider yourself handy, but garage doors have a lot of tricky parts and mechanisms. If you don’t know what these parts do, then you could easily end up forgetting some or misplacing them. At the very least, this might mean that your door doesn’t open or close properly because you have mistakenly put together the connections or joints. At the worst though, this could lead to the need for repairs from a company specialized in fixing garage doors. Having to call such a company would completely waste your desire to save money by installing the door yourself.

You may know more about garage doors than some. Even still, you could always make a mistake, leading to faulty installation. You may not know the purpose of every part, and the door may not hold together as a result. If your garage door falls apart, numerous negative results would occur. First of all, you could end up harming yourself if the door collapses around you. You could also harm someone else in your family if they try to use the faultily-installed door. Lastly, if the door falls apart, certain mechanisms and parts could break entirely. This would mean that you either need repairs or need to replace the door. This all costs money that you didn’t want to spend.

Bad Leveling

When you install a garage door, you have to make exact measurements for the parts of the door. This ensures that the door actually hits the ground when you close it. Garage doors have cables that make sure that the door remains level at all times. Faulty spring installation may also lead to an uneven door. On the level of aesthetics, a door that you didn’t level properly will just look unattractive. You will see either a slight or a larger gap beneath the door even when closed. At the worst, this could lead to damage of the items instead of the garage. For example, the elements can easily get into a garage that doesn’t close fully. Bugs and other insects could invade. If someone wanted to break into your garage, having a small gap to start could make the task easier.

Electrical Issues

As mentioned, the vast majority of garage doors these days run on electrical components that allow you to use a remote control to easily open and close the door. This cuts down on manual effort. If your door has anti-theft technology, this also uses electricity. A garage door doesn’t automatically come with these electrical components installed. If you don’t know anything about electricity, you would make a big mistake trying to tinker with the door’s components. You could end up very severely hurting or electrocuting yourself. You could also short out some or all of the components, which could lead to permanent breakage and thus the need for repairs or replacement.

Choosing a Professional

Very often, the brand or retailer that you have purchased your garage door from should offer you installation services. Most companies charge this along with the cost of the door, although it could also occur on a separate bill. Of course, if you want, you can work with a separate company than the one that you bought the door from. If that’s the case, you can perform some research online or through the phone book to find the best garage door installation company for you.

In the case of choosing a professional company, always look for one with a sterling reputation. If the business has worked and served others for many years, this bodes well for a secure and proper installation. Research the costs from various companies to ensure that you get a fair estimate.

The Benefits of Letting a Professional Install Your Garage Door

Although you may have to pay a bit more money up-front when letting a professional company install your garage door, you can later reap many benefits. First of all, you can enjoy a fully functioning garage as soon as the professionals install it. You also save yourself plenty of time and manual labor by letting a company take care of the job. You reduce the risk of accidental injury as well as the risk of losing or breaking parts.

One of the biggest benefits that you’ll enjoy is peace of mind. Allowing a professional company to install your garage door guarantees that installation occurs accurately and without error. You won’t have to worry about parts falling out, electrical components not functioning, or the door having leveling issues. Even though you had to put some money down now, you will save money in the long run since you won’t have to even think about repairs for quite some time down the road.


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