A Broken Door Hinge Can Harm Your Garage Door

Door hinges, although small in size, are integral to the functioning of a door. Wear and tear of these hinges will undoubtedly cause serious damage to the door itself in the long run; unnecessary straining of wood, scraping away of polish and rusty marks are all signs of problematic door hinges. Neglecting the monitoring of garage doors will certainly result in a hefty repair bill.

Why Do Door Hinges Break?

Door hinges are essentially the parts that leverage the door into opening and closing. Therefore, they are subject to the maximum amount of effort each time the door swings into motion. Extraneous strain may also play a part when someone accidentally rams a car into the door.

Hinges made of cheaper material may be more cost-effective, but will prove to be less durable. The best hinges to suit this kind of wear and tear over a prolonged period of time are those made of heavy steel. Ideally, these should last for 10-15 years. Similarly, it is important to determine that decorative hinges purchased are equally strong and will hold up over a course of time.


Problematic hinges are initially characterized by a wobbly or missing screw. This may not sound very alarming, but in essence is so. This is because the screws are responsible for keeping the metal plate in place, and therefore point towards a problem there. An instant solution is to replace the faulty screw with a nut and bolt, or simply screwing it into place with a wrench

In other cases, bent or cracked door hinges are apparent due to some physical impact. Yet another noticeable sign is the rusting or corroding of the hinges or other metallic counterparts, especially due to mustiness or dampness.

Potential Damage

If you face the problem of faulty or rusty door hinges, it is wise to discontinue using the door altogether. At the very least, this will prevent a user from serious injury in case the door collapses or the hinges get stuck. While this may lead to temporary unease when parking your car on the street, it is better to do so than risk the cost of intensive door repair.

Damaged hinges ruin the door’s guide tracks and panels too. Delaying repair and continuing use will obviously lead to further damage, resulting in costly repair and service charges. The cost may also end up becoming that of an entirely new door if the damage is widespread.


If you have a deteriorated screw plate, the screws in it should be replaced by nuts and bolts. If this doesn’t work, or results in further wear and tear, then the plate will need to be completely replaced. Hardware stores or specialist garage companies usually stock the necessary repair parts, costing anywhere between $3 and $20 for DIY maintenance. If you choose to get the hinges replaced professionally, they will approximately cost from $130 to $150 for the first hinge and from $60 to $80 for every additional one.

The pros and cons of DIY maintenance versus professional maintenance are many, the most important one being cost. However, it is best to conduct a preliminary check of the extent of damage yourself. If you are uncertain of how to handle the damage, or do not have the rudimentary repair skills, it is best to assess the problem and then consult a professional. A service provider might not only cover any existing warranties, but will fix the damage in a shorter span of time. Apart from the ease, the professional repairman will also be more equipped to handle technical matters such as those concerning torsion spring doors. It is best that repairs of such doors be avoided on a personal basis since specialized tools are needed to fix them.


After installation of new hinges, you should inspect them regularly for wear and tear or breakage. This cursory assessment should be done at least twice a year. Also, all moving parts of garage doors, including hinges should have lubricant applied to them regularly. A good choice would be a general-purpose household oil such as 3-in-1. Conducting this basic maintenance will keep your garage doors functioning smoothly and will prevent them from rusting.

While a garage is a useful storage space for cars, tool and garden equipment, it is only as good as its door. The latter is the only item that promises security for the valuables contained within. It is thus imperative that good household management include checkups and maintenance of garage doors to ensure ease of handling at all times and in different types of weather.


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