7 Signs That It Is Time To Have A Professional Replace Your Garage Door – Avoid An Accident

An Insecure Door

Your garage door might be in perfect working condition, but it will be of little use if it cannot protect you from intruders. Your garage door should make you and your family feel safe, and you will need to replace it if it does not. Older garage doors are easy to break into, and replacing them with the newer models will improve your security. Although getting a new garage door is an additional cost, it does not compare to how much you could lose if burglars broke in.

Broken Parts

It is possible to replace parts of the garage door that are broken; however, some broken parts need more drastic measures in order for the garage door to retain its integrity. To determine whether you just need a repair job or whether you will call for a garage door replacement, inspect the bottom part of the door and its edges. If the bottom part and the edges of wooden garage doors are broken, it is best to replace the whole door.

Improperly-Working Safety Features

Safety features are very important when it comes to garage doors since these can prevent many serious injuries. Safety features help to stop or reverse the action of the door so that it doesn’t crush people or even cars as it closes. A professional can install a motion detector if you don’t already have one, or if it is not working properly. However, getting a new garage door with a working detector will solve the problem completely.

Broken garage door wires and cables

Automatic garage doors are great to have at home since they are very convenient to use. The integrity of these wires and cables is important since these are what enable the door to work safely. Faulty wiring will not only pose a threat, but it will likely cause an accident if the necessary repair measures are not pursued.

Weird sounds during garage door operation

When you use a garage door for a long time, you will get used to how it sounds during operation. If the door suddenly begins to produce an unusual sound, this is an indication that the garage door mechanism is faulty. Oiling the door will more often than not get rid of the sound. However, if the weird sound persists, you’ll want to talk to a professional.

Unbalanced garage door

When your garage door is closed, check to see whether the bottom part is touching the floor. Having sections raised from the ground is an indication of a garage door mechanical default. The main disadvantage in the above situation is that the unevenness will provide a way for vermin and other insects into your house. Furthermore, the open spaces will affect the functioning of your air conditioning unit, leading to higher energy bills. Your air conditioning unit will have to work much harder to maintain a certain temperature in the house, an effort that you will see reflected in the increase in monthly energy bills.

Uneven garage door movement

With time or lack of proper use and maintenance, a garage door will open unevenly or begin to shake when opening or closing. Garage doors should open and close smoothly, because any other way of opening is a sign of broken parts that can pose a security threat. If the door jerks at any point, be sure that the garage door will soon collapse. This is dangerous because it will pose a threat to either the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle. Invite a professional over to check whether repairing or replacing the garage door altogether will remedy the problem.


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