4 Ways To Expand Your Indoor Living Space To The Outdoors With Electronic Garage Doors

Many people associate garage doors with, well, the garage. Parking your car, or cars. Or extra storage space. But have you ever thought of having a garage door installed in a different part of your house?

Giving it a more industrial feel, and allowing for a better flow of outdoor-to-indoor space, these innovative garage door ideas will spice up your everyday living space. Just keep in mind any changes to the structure of your house may require you to get a city permit to amend your space.

Create A Backyard Oasis


If your backyard space is small and doesn’t leave much room for enjoying those sunny days, upgrading from traditional sliding doors to an electronic garage door system will not only allow you to bring the outdoors in, but will also allow you to increase your outdoor living space.

The same goes if you have an amazing backyard, and want to enjoy it while you’re cooking or doing the dishes, adding a garage door will let you smell the grass, watch the kids play and feel like you’re outside all from the comfort of your kitchen or living room. Talk about a room with a view.

Enlarge Your Bedroom Space


If you only have a small deck outside your bedroom, or even a tiny Juliet balcony (a balcony that doesn’t protrude outside so you can’t really step out), why not remove the doors altogether and add a single-car electronic garage door?

Changing this will allow you to keep the door open when you sleep (assuming it’s safe of course), making it feel like you’re camping under the stars. Open the door and let the fresh air in while you’re getting ready in the mornings. Grab the morning paper or your favourite book and sit outside all while staying in the comfort of your bedroom. Is there really anything better then that?

Go Out For Dinner… At Home


By adding a garage door to your dining space, you’re effectively bringing the outdoor dining experience in. Or out. Regardless. Enjoy the comfort of your regular dining room table and the proximity of your kitchen (without having to open any doors) all while feeling the cool evening (or morning or afternoon) breeze as you sit round the table with your family and friends. What could be more enjoyable, especially as the seasons change and the weather isn’t as predictable.

Enlarge Your Living Space


Of course, if your house is rather narrow, what better way to enlarge your space with some much-needed room by adding two glass garage doors on opposite sides of the house. This will not only give you more light, but will automatically increase your square footage.

By allowing you to widen your space as needed, you can open one side, or both. And whether you have family over, throwing a big shindig or just want a little more space, it’s the perfect way to expand  your home on-demand.


About Neb Aleksic

Neb grew up in the garage door business. Since joining Doorcare he has moved up in the ranks, and now oversees a team, in addition to Doorcare's marketing efforts. He is passionate about what he does, and enjoys the small things in life.
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