4 Reasons You Should Never Forget About Your Garage Door Insulation

When you’re thinking about buying a new garage door for your home, insulation might not be high on your list of priorities to consider. However, your choice of insulation for the door is just as important as the material, design, and opening mechanism. The general reason is that the insulation will have an impact on your garage and your home. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t forget to consider your door’s insulation.

Avoid Infestation

Because of the usual makeup and climate of a garage, it is a very desirable location for various bugs and other pests to make their home. They’re easier to access and there is usually a lot of stuff for them to hide in, behind, and under.

What is the point and functionality of insulation? It seals the garage door to prevent anything, even air, from leaking in and out of the garage. If it can keep air out, it can certainly keep out even the smallest of bugs to help you avoid dealing with any infestations and the potential damage that they can cause.

Prevent Moisture Damage

The other things that a well-sealed insulated garage door can keep out are dirt, water and moisture. Think of what it is you use your garage for and the types of things you might store in it, then think of what water, dirt and moisture can do to all of those things if it gets into your garage:

  • Water and moisture damage
  • Equipment clogged and damaged by dirt and debris
  • Mold, mildew, or other organisms and bacteria

The better your insulation and weather sealing, the better protection your garage and the contents stored within it have from all of these potential damage and health risks.

Strengthen Your Door

Another benefit that insulation has is that it provides greater strength and reinforcement. Simply put, a door with a single layer of wood or steel material is not as strong as two layers of material with insulation in the middle. Here’s how it works:

  • It makes the skin of the garage door less likely to be dented
  • It makes the garage door more rigid, reinforced, thick and durable
  • It makes the door lighter than just making the door out of one layer as thick as it is reinforced with insulation

All of these benefits help you avoid maintenance time and costs for both your garage door and what is kept behind it.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

The fourth benefit of a well-insulated garage door is saving you money on your energy bill. This is because garages are usually the worst-insulated part of your home, and therefore the biggest source of wasted energy. Garages tend not to be as well insulated in general, and the doors in particular have this problem in addition to lack of good sealing when closed.

Cold air and outside heat that enters into your garage also enters into the room next to it if your garage is not properly insulated. Therefore, your furnace or air conditioning will have to work harder to regulate your home’s internal temperature. Whereas, a properly insulated door will help keep your energy bill down, since you don’t need to use as much energy to heat or cool your home.

If you are considering install a new garage door or adding insulation to your existing door, contact Doorcare’s garage door experts for a free quote.


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