3 Types of Business that Could Use a Commercial Garage Door

Aside from your typical auto repair shops, customization shops, and other automobile related businesses, other types of businesses could benefit from using a commercial car door.


Commercial quality garage doors offer a touch of style to restaurants. As most patrons enjoy the idea of being outside when the weather permits, a garage door provides the freedom to open the restaurant when allowed. Keeping the garage door closed when the weather is cold, rainy, snowy keeps patrons warm, but can also give them a glimpse outside (if glass panels are used) and affect the overall ambience of the establishment. 


As warehouses have multiple trailers backed in to get loaded at any given time, top quality commercial garage doors are necessary. The doors will be opened and closed throughout business, and need to be strong enough to withstand damage should a truck accidentally back into one.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities need strong doors for a few reasons. The things kept inside the storage building need to be protected from the elements outside. A good quality door will keep items dry and protected, while also protecting against theft and vandalism. The doors need to be sturdy and safe, as many people will use them. Inspect the doors anytime a unit is re-rented to another person.

Commercial quality garage doors are not the same as residential garage doors. While they are both built with strength and safety in mind, commercial doors  are designed for more use.


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