3 Custom Garage Door Design Ideas for 2017

If you want to do something different with your home’s design, one way is to replace your traditional garage door with a custom one. There are lots of styles, colours, materials, and structures you can choose from, but here are three of our favourites for 2017.


Custom Carriage Doors

A custom carriage garage door can be a great combination of style and functionality. You can choose from a range of woods with their different qualities and colour, and they are usually shipped with a natural finish. They are made with three layers: wood on the inside and outside, with a layer of insulation in between. These types of doors have some great benefits:

  • Visual appeal — the wooden materials are extremely stylish and you can use whatever stain you want to get the right finish
  • Energy efficiency — the insulation within the door itself helps prevent outside air from getting inside improving the energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC system
  • Durability — well-made custom carriage doors can be incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Property value — With all of the above benefits you will also boost the property value of your home

Custom wood carriage doors are one of the most popular types of custom garage doors. With the different choices of wood and stain finish you can make sure that it matches the style of the rest of your home.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass is a great material to use for a custom garage door, and it is becoming a more popular material to work with. Compared to wood or metal, fiberglass provides better insulation for even greater energy efficiency. They are more durable, and because of their durability, they have more flexibility for customizations, such as ornate but heavy metal handles. Here are further customizations:

  • Patterns — despite being fiberglass, you can still get it with various wood-grain designs for better visual appeal
  • Panels — choose various sizes and patterns of panels that match the rest of your home’s design
  • Colour — select from a large number of colours and tones
  • Window Panes — for additional style and lighting you can pick multiple window pane designs

The downfall for fiberglass, when compared to other wood materials, is that it doesn’t quite have as much visual appeal. Even if you can make it look like wood most people will still notice the difference.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Another type of custom garage doors are ones that are side-opening, rather than vertical overhead doors. Rather than have the door with wheels and tracks that open straight up and down, you have hinges on the side and pull or push the door open and closed. They might not be as common as overhead garage doors, but they do have some advantages:

  • Maintenance — with fewer moving or mechanical parts there is less than can go wrong and problems with the hinges are easier to fix
  • Access — easily enter and leave the garage if you aren’t parking your car because you don’t have to wait for the door to open and close
  • Styles — other custom style options like glass windows or ornate handles will make the doors look more stylish

You can have a side-hinged garage door made from any material and design, whether it’s made of wood, fiberglass, or metal. This will help you to boost your home’s curb appeal, since they look much nicer than overheard doors.

Like many people, you may have buying questions about various garage doors. If you’d like to speak to a professional, then you can also contact your local neighborhood garage door experts.


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